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About TriHealth

TriHealth Physical Therapy and Performing Arts Consulting was created by Dr. Emma Faulkner PT, DPT, OCS in order to provide high quality physical therapy, specific training and consulting services to the growing performing arts community in the Atlanta metro.

TriHealth provides out-of-network physical therapy services to dancers, performing artists, and the general population to address orthopedic conditions and provide specialized rehabilitation services. Physical therapy services can be provided in the client’s home, in a studio space, or in a clinic setting depending on patient preferences and therapeutic needs.




Often, for performers, there comes a point in the rehabilitation process when insurance will no longer cover physical therapy due to improvements being made with respect to activities of daily living, general wellness, or post-surgical goals being met. For many performers, at this point in the rehabilitation process they are capable of starting to return to their classes and rehearsals but aren’t up for performances at their optimal level. TriHealth offers specific training programs for performing artists to bridge that gap between ending formal physical therapy and returning to the stage at the highest level. These specific training programs could include continued strengthening programs, specific motor control exercises to improve certain movement patterns required for performance, and/or a specialized cardiovascular program to enhance performance. Each program is tailored specifically to the client and his or her performance requirements.

Consulting services are performed on a case by case basis. They can include injury prevention workshops, backstage PT coverage, in-studio technique consultations, theater consultations, development of choreography specific training programs, or consultation regarding any other performing artist health needs. Dr. Faulkner is a partner in Atlanta Dance Medicine which can provide larger scale consultation for theaters, companies or studios.

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